Joachim女士的行李箱 Valise de Madame Joachim

Installation view at Taipei Fine Art Museum, photos by Taipei Fine Art Museum

Joachim女士的行李箱 Valise de Madame Joachim,
2012至今  2012-present
錄像裝置 1分48秒循環 video 12’48” loop, installation














This suitcase is the relic of Ms. Joachim.


Ms. Joachim was my neighbor in Nancy. There was one day when I got home and found out a bunch of furniture and basic commodities were thrown out on the street. I discovered the news of Ms. Joachim’s death after asking. Ms. Joachim lived alone, and there wasn’t anyone who could handle her relics. By the time when Ms. Joachim’s house was sold, her relics were abandoned on the street.


I took the suitcase back, and solved the password on it one by one with an indigenous method. After opening the suitcase, I realized that it was packed with travel books, some environmental magazines, newspapers, Ms. Joachim’s nameplate, one women’s white shirt, one bed sheet, some letters from her friends, one notebook, and three expired desiccants.


I tried to figure out the background and experiences of Ms. Joachim. By analyzing the contents in the suitcase, it seemed that she was a person who yearned for travels, and this suitcase perhaps had accompanied Ms. Joachim to many places.


Maybe it was made to extend Ms. Joachim’s existence, maybe it was made to extend the relationship between the suitcase and Ms. Joachim, or maybe it wasn’t made to extend anything. I would like to carry this unoccupied suitcase to the places where I am going to visit, and to extend the journey of the suitcase and Ms. Joachim.

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